Track By Tracks: Devoured By The Depths - Onward Unto Death (2022)

Emerson: So starting with the first song "The Path", it is a song that was written with a theme of hell in general if that makes sense. It's kind of hard to explain, it is instrumentally a more intense song that uses melancholic sounds to fit the theme of it overall. Track 2 "Contemplation" is about mostly loss and pain, but also has things about it that can be interpreted differently depending on how you look at it. Track 3 "Illusions" - the final track - is probably the song with the darkest meaning to it on this EP. It's a song about just wanting to get out of a bad area in life but also seeing the way things currently are have an effect on how you look at the future as well. I think the instrumentals compliment the theme as well as it goes from kind of melodic maybe and into a more dissonant sound towards the end.

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