Track By Tracks: Fade To Ashes - Hour Of Eschaton (2022)

1. Carnal Fixation:

This was one of the first tracks we had written. Our guitarist/vocalist Eddie had the first half written for quite some time so when the last half was finally solidified we felt it was the perfect track to open up the record. The lyrical theme focuses on addiction and the path of self destruction that comes with it.

2. Phantom Limb:

This track is basically melodic death metal 101. Our Swedish metal influences really shine on this track and clocking in at just under three minutes it gets straight to the point! The lyrics are centered on those people who are quick to criticize and tend to hide behind a keyboard while doing it.

3. The Arcane Scorned:

All of us in the band are big fans of black metal and this track really shows it. Gathering influences from dissection, dark funerals, behemoth, and, dimmu borgir this track was born. The lyrics are about dealing with betrayal and becoming a stronger person from that.

4. Hour Of Eschaton:

This is the title track of the album. This was actually the first song our guitarists Eddie and Edgar composed almost completely from scratch and made us realize that we have something special here. The song flowed naturally and we were really proud of the end result. We are definitely showcasing more of our “in the pocket” groove side with this one.

5. Legacy Of Goujian:

I would say this is one of the more “in your face” songs on the album. Our guitarist Edgar had the majority of the song already mapped out and after a few tweaks we felt we had a really heavy yet catchy track. The lyrics tell the story of Goujian a Chinese emperor who plotted his revenge against the Wu empire. I think it’s one of the greatest accounts of revenge ever told in our opinion.

6. Warriors Avengement:

This song basically wrote itself. We wanted a very catchy anthemic track and it seems to really translate well live. The lyrics in a nutshell are about living for yourself and taking no s**t from anyone very straightforwardly. We call this the drinking song in the set.

7. Among The Ashes:

This track really showcases our thrasher side. We love death metal and all of that but we also love the old-school thrash bands from the 80s. We just started integrating this track into the set and people seem to be losing their minds when we play it. Lyrically this song is about where society is heading. There’s so much hate for differences of opinion and it’s almost like you’re either on one side or your on the other. I wouldn’t consider us a political band but we’re just calling it as we see it.

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