Track By Tracks: Imperial Execration - Commanding Satan’s Crusades (2022)

1. Summoning of the Ancient Hordes:

This was the second song written by us chronologically speaking, and we feel it represents the band in a well-rounded way. Fast picking, some big chords to give atmosphere, intense blasting, and very deep gutturals.

2. Commandments of the Age of Darkness:

This was a song completely done in the studio. Ruben improvised some drum lines, then Eduardo cut and arranged those drums into a cohesive unit. Finally with the help of Oscar the guitar and bass lines were completed.

3. Throne of Sadistic Abominations:

The very first song was written by the band. This one in particular went through several different iterations but what you hear was finally what we all happily came to agree. Oscar performs some interesting vocal patterns that he executes brilliantly through his mouth movements.

4. Lords of Tyrannical Perversion:

Lords were also finished in the studio in a different way this time. Eduardo had to spend some time after drum recording finalizing the riffs for the last sections so that everything made sense. It has, however, some very cool chromatic lines that bring a lot of tension and result satisfyingly in chunky head-banging riffs.

5. Victory of the Stygian Empire:

For us this is the fastest one to play, it has some very intricate lines and fast blasts. It is essentially a song that builds up until the very end which then resolves in a massive album finale. We have used some lines from the movie Conan which tie in those concepts explored through the artwork and lyrics

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