Track By Tracks: pMad - Who Why Where What (2022)

1. Who I Am:

The song ‘Who Am I’ is asking - am I the perpetrator, am I the victim, am I the survivor, am I good or evil................ Which one are you? Who Am I? pMad is a survivor using hope as medicine and amazed by the horror we can perpetrate on each other and our environment. We can all be so evil to each other and sometimes we are hardest on ourselves, each one of us needs to work out ‘Who Am I’. The video has another take on the lyrics of ‘Who Am I’ and is an audio & visual emotional rollercoaster. Firstly, seeing the coroner examining a body, then a perpetrator with a baseball bat, a knife, and a gun………and in pMad’s world the body being examined is the perpetrator, cause, I believe we are strong enough to survive!!

The artwork for the single of the skull takes the song's meaning to an artwork, of, what are we beyond our skull and bones, ‘Who Am I’? The eternal question, we may never find the answer to!

2. Broken:

pMad is ‘Broken’ in some form or another, just like everybody else. Knowing and understanding that we are all ‘Broken’ & being comfortable with that is the way to save ourselves. Trying to keep up with everyone else, just leaves us behind, we are who we are - 'Broken' and that is ok! Be honest with yourself, none of us are built without cracks or faults, we all hurt, and we are all human. Acknowledgment of this will save us?

The ’Broken’ single cover was created to produce that effect of a ‘Broken’ person, it comes across as blue and sad, but that is ok! We cannot be happy all the time, sadness with being there, self-doubt, and anger but so will happiness and grasp with! It is ok not to be ok and the single cover I like to think is a person that is ‘Broken’ but wired together and we are all that way! Accept it!

3. Medicine:

No one of us has not used something to cover the pain of life, it could be drugs, alcohol, religion anything that will cover over the cracks of the pain in our lives. But all it does is cover; it does not cure. It takes a long time and no one but yourself can help yourself in the end! You must want to be better, you must want that direction, pMad has found that out! Until I realized only, I could cure myself in the end, I just continued to cover and cover and cover until the whole thing fell down. ‘Medicine’ wants us to believe in ourselves, Hope is the Medicine and it is within! pMad is using hope as the medicine and letting us all know; the power is within!! The video garnered massive success on Youtube, like most of pMad’s videos, they bring out even more of the tune.

A young pMad stands over the pills, dominating the pills not the other way round!! pMad being his own savior, the Medicine is not in a pill, it is within! The temptation of the sparkle can be conquered! Hope is the medicine.

4. Except Me:

'Except Me' is a track about self-doubt, how is it that everybody loves us but yourself? Is it not proof enough for others to love us? Why does self-doubt linger? We need to learn to love ourselves. Self-acceptance can be particularly hard, who knows what others have gone through with family, friends, so-called friends, medical issues, and all sorts. It is such a pity when we do not love and accept ourselves even with the affirmation of the love of others. Life is so full of contradictions and never mind the things we use to cover and the knowledge we are broken, can we just accept ourselves as we are. What makes us happy? Accepting yourself will certainly help!

The cover for ‘Except Me’ is a young pMad, happy & thinking I am cool in a pic and then you have the screaming face coming out to the side, depicting the inner discontent we all have. I had an amazing youth and all my life has been wonderful but that is not to say that self-doubt did not visit, heartbreak and mistakes, but have learned to accept myself!!

5. Sisters:

'Sisters' is pMad’s take on those we love, gone too soon. They don't go away very far, they walk beside us every day..... having left such an impression on us! They are still loved, still missed, and a very important influence on our lives. There is an end and fly away!! Even with the devils and the demons that often inhabited their lives, those we love that have gone too soon have left such an impression in our lives and we are grateful for the path they have led us to. Be careful what you wish for it may not always be fair. The song could have been called Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Friends, Cousins, anyone that made an impression on you in your left and you continue to live in a manner that they would be proud of you for!! pMad youngest Sister, Keira, dropped dead one day and left a huge hole in so many lives, but she is remembered for the wonderful attitude she had to live and we try to remember her by following her in her same attitude to life. ‘You were the one to believe in us’

The cover for ‘Sisters’ is that of one of thanks. Even though the subject is sad and you have left a huge hole in our lives and we miss you terribly, we know you are there above us looking down on us and guiding us safely through this life and the wisdom you bestowed upon us will bring us through the good and the bad!!

6. Youth:

'Youth' - what would you do if you could go back!! Would you do anything different, would you be braver, what would you change? Is 'Youth' wasted on the 'Youth'? My life has been so wonderful, there is not much if anything I regret but there is always that feeling that you would love to go back!! That Marty McFly moment, the chance to relive your ‘Youth’. The light at the end of the tunnel is all heading our way and sometimes the light at the end of a tunnel is the train heading straight at us. If we knew then what we knew now, who doesn’t say that!!

The cover art is pMad and his wonderful cousins one Summer living the life!! Would I go back and change my trousers, my hair…………would I go back and live it all over again, the exact same way or with my newfound knowledge!! That was me in my Youth!! Loved it!

7. Horror:

pMad’s outlook on the environmental damage we are having on our planet. The ‘Horror’ we are doing to our planet, each year, it only gets worse, the planet is starting to hate us, and will it even miss us if we were gone. Climate change can be denied all you like but the climate does seem to be changing at 40 years and an hour!! We are doing all this to ourselves, is there a way back, no matter what God you believe in or none at all, no one is going to save us but ourselves!! But it seems impossible when you see what the so-called leaders of the world are doing, nothing!! They are just hoping they won’t be around when the human race ceases or that their grandchildren are so powerful, they can survive!! Not many will survive what awaits us if we do not act now!!

The ‘Horror’ artwork is of the blast from a nuclear/atomic bomb, a still of a clip in the ‘Horror’ official video. I think it perfectly describes the vision of the ‘Horror’ and heat we are breaking our planet with!! ‘Horror’ has two mixed versions both with the same cover but with a different musical feel. Like our chances, there are two outcomes, survival or destruction of the human race! The planet they say will go back to its natural state 18 months after the human race is gone!

8. I Am:

‘I Am’ produces these mantra-type vocals of pMad enforcing the ‘I Am Me’ attitude he takes to life and reckons we all should. No matter who and what we are, be true to yourself, get up every day and be ‘I Am’. People will decide for themselves what color they paint you; you have nothing to prove to anyone else except yourself………. But do not be too harsh on yourself!! No matter color, greed, sexuality, etc, it should be no one’s business but your own. I cannot understand how there is so much hatred in the world based on what you are, not because you are bad or good (which you could understand) but your matter color, greed, sexuality, etc!! There are 8 billion people on this planet who go off and hang around with like-minded people and enjoy life rather than hating others. The planet is plenty big enough for us not to have to meet the ones we do not get on with!! Just stay away from each other and be yourselves!

The artwork is simple, pMad alone, surrounded by trees, and being me! Being ‘I Am’ Me. Simple, that is all we can be is ourselves!! Whether people accept us or not is not our problem but theirs!! Be yourself and enjoy being you!

People will have their own take on each song and artwork and find it means something different to them. That is perfectly fine. I just hope you enjoy it and it brings you pleasure and peace in this life!!

Remixes and extended versions of the tracks above:

Who Am I (pMad reMix)
Youth (MeMory reMix)    
Sisters (Extended Keira Mix)
Horror (hoMe Mix)
I Am (Me reMix)

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