Track By Tracks: Primaterra - Devolution (2022)

1. Predators:

A strong criticism against bullies and internet trolls and the people that absorb that content on a daily basis.

2. Deconstruct:

Questioning the norm of consumption that is based on fear.

3. Hate Machine:

The compulsive routine of our society feeds on division, hatred, fear, and negativity as daily rituals.

4. Morph:

The evolution of the human race is an unnatural paradigm. Unlike other species - we save the weak. We don’t consider our surroundings, and our only way to survive is to multiply. Which ironically is also our most significant risk.

5. Color the gun:

The constant urge to be connected all the time and the idea that our opinions matter, which for the most part - don’t. As well as the hypocrisy of self-righteousness used as a weapon.

6. Hail the dead:

Criticism against overly opinionated people that defend their peers and ideas blindly without leaving emotions out of it, thus creating a biased, corrupt and unjust society.

7. Silent order:

Influenced by police brutality and the incident of George Floyd. Mainly the abuse of power by figures of authority.

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