Track By Tracks: Temptress - See (2023)

1. Death Come Around:

Drawing inspiration from the Middle Ages, “Death Comes Around” is a story of a Pagan facing imminent death from the “Black Plague.” Written to take you on a journey from a peaceful life, to infection, then toward death and beyond. Set to an eerie drone bass line with some melodic touches, we found a simple chord structure that drives the music to let the lyrics shine. We originally had one melody line sung by both male and female vocals, creating texture in the vocal line. Upon revisiting the studio, we added a beautiful harmony to accentuate certain lines in the song adding depth to the overall mood of the piece.

2. Waiting:

A chaotic song with a messy theme. The music reflects an off-beat guitar and bass rhythm with leads taking you down to the level of destruction. The lyrics tell a story of a male dabbling in hard drugs pursuing a “good girl” inevitably dragging her down the wormhole of addiction, once the euphoria of new drug experimentation and initial young love infatuation.

3. Cry:

A bidding of farewell to your true love in their time of passing. We wanted this song to be tastefully slow, sad, almost as if it was a funeral procession. It encounters the stages of grief after a loved one passes and the feelings of restlessness and questions that come when one must manage such a loss. A driving ending of the piece represents coping and acceptance.

4. Into My Soul:

We wanted to create a story from the point of view of someone encountering Medusa. Feeling drawn to her power and fantasizing about their own destruction for her. Feeling drawn to something that isn’t necessarily good for you, but you can’t help but be attracted to it. We wanted the music not only to tell a story of the encounter but draw you into the feeling that comes with it. We wrote the song in two parts, the story and the downfall.

5. Serpentine:

“Serpentine” was written with a double entendre. The lyrics, on the one hand, a very literal inspiration from a time real-life encounter had by Andi and Christian, finding themselves in a room with hundreds of the deadliest snakes on earth. It can also symbolize a very lustful relationship, toxic and consuming. Finding yourself willing to condone unhealthy habits to keep that connection alive. The main riff and part of the solo were written to imitate snake-like movements, walking down the neck. We wanted to create a sexy, mysterious yet straightforward sound to pair with the imagery.

6. Hopeless:

An epic tale following a journey through life. The struggles found in human nature and nature itself. Focused on the human effect and imposed slow destruction of the water, air, and atmosphere on the planet. We tried to capture on the record the dynamics of a calm beginning, layering guitar, bass and vocals with a gradual crescendo in each verse and chorus. A driving beat throughout the song, intensely culminating until an abrupt stop. A true finale to the album.

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