Track By Tracks: Thine Inner Sanctum - ...In Silence, I Wept... (2022)

1. Conflicted in tears:

The song begins with a dark ambiance, followed swiftly by a clean melancholy guitar coupled with the haunting yet beautiful vocals of guest artist Anca Scurtu.

The opening vocal delivery of 'Slowly I fade. Slowly I crawl...To my grave' sets the tone of both the song and album.

This track originally started its life with what is now the chorus guitar parts; the song however evolved and underwent a lot of changes. The haunting vocals of Anca throughout are blended with those of Jay, the musical heartbeat behind the project. What follows is a dark duet of two souls joined in melancholy harmony.

2. Sea of souls:

A harsh grating guitar blended with a thunderstorm and crashing waves lead the charge of this funeral pace, doom ladden dirge. Project mastermind Jay takes the clean vocal lead with simple yet sorrowfull lyrics '

Trying so hard and failing, these depths that I've to stoop'

'I preach and preach, but it's myself that I am fooling'.

This sense of hopelessness is enhanced by the guitar melody and plodding drums. The song is lifted in the chorus when Anca and Jay duet again with Anca's vocal offering a sense of strength & hope despite the lyrics. This track was actually written in the summer 2021 but is only now seeing the light of day. This was one of the first tracks Jay tried with a clean guitar and clean vocal being dominant and prominent The song's final transition is brought to life with heavier drums and vocals now delivered with a throat full of glass black metal rasp, adding to the dissonance and darkness that was building throughout.

3. I swear...I shall abstain:

Starting of with some deep, almost industrial bass frequencies hinting at unease and a creeping sense of nausea. The album's second guest vocalist, Jillian Noble makes her presence known from the start her vocal pushed to breaking point opening the track with dark words ' I never wanted this, forced into this life I lead...' A duet of damaged psyches begins with the lyrics hinting at something very dark with the hidden connotations unveiled only at the end of the song.

'Forced by their hand to please, forced on my knees to please' This is the heaviest track on offer so far. Harsh guitars and heavier drums build throughout. The middle section is heightened by a few almost primal vocal solos adding to the bleakness and claustrophobia expressed in the lyrics. A song written from the viewpoint of innocence left and abused at the hands of the men and women of the church, heavy in terms of both content and delivery.

4. Burn the memory:

I am very proud of this track. Starting with clean guitars, this song is very very melodic with keyboards and synths layered under the clean guitars and vocals...

'My corpse bruised and bloodied, caught somewhere between life and death. I hear my soul baying, it's a choir of savage hounds...'

Vocally this is all Jay, however, the song weaves and winds through heavy and mellow guitar interludes,

Vocals go from soft and vulnerable, fuelled by a sense of lack of worth and a battle of wills. The composition is just as schizophrenic as the lyrical and vocal changes... 'I wish to die as Christ before fathers favored son' This is a great track as it gives the listener a false sense of security.

They think they know where it is going but the music and lyrics say otherwise.

5. The narrative darkens:

This is the only instrumental track on the album and is a chance for the listener to breathe after the depressing intensity of what came before.

A church bell rings throughout, blanketed by a building thunderstorm, a 'solitary and cold' synth melody rising and falling with the storm. The storm builds and the listener melts with the fading synth...Peace and tranquility, ominous yet hopeful. A welcome change.

6. In silence, I wept:

The penultimate title track and a heavy one at that. A lilting guitar with dark synth undertones fades in as does the opening lyric 'In silence, dreaded silence I wept...'

This track was actually born from the depth of a nightmare. I woke in a panic and hunted for my phone and typed out what just happened in my dream... A child silently weeping in a corner, an open fireplace, a group of men arguing, a Dr in a blood-stained coat, a hammer and a blunted metal spike in his hands, a heated exchange, a woman lying on a blood-stained bed, a failed lobotomy. The woman is incommunicado apart from her eyes...

'Lying on her deathbed, she conjured up the will. To linger just a little longer...'

This song is the savage and twisted revenge story on those who ravaged and defiled her, which led her to believe she was insane, lobotomizing her was an easy way of silencing her but her child saw it all, the song is written from both the mother and child's perspective, a horror story in musical form. Heavy, lyrically intriguing, dramatically awesome and was great fun to record vocals for. I should make an official music video for this one...

7. Comatose by conviction:

The closing track and the return of Jillian Noble on vocals. This is actually a repetition of the opening track Conflicted in tears. Opening with the chorus guitar and lead melody but sounding darker and more sinister. The same goes for the amazing vocals. A distorted mirror image would be a good description of this song. Vocals are acapella with the instruments almost inaudible but they are there but only just.

A fitting end to what came before

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