Band Biographies: Concrete Age

Concrete Age is an ethnic metal band from the North Caucasus, formed in October 2011 by Ilia Morozov. Right from the start, the band delved into the diverse world of ethnic music from various cultures, drawing influence from the incredible wildlife of their native land and using it to create masterful soundtracks.

During their early days in the North Caucasus, the band showed remarkable perseverance as they managed to produce and release two albums ("Time to Awake 2012","The Temple of the Sacred SPirit 2012"). Soon enough, however, the Concrete Age decided to pursue further artistic progress and left the region in November 2014, setting their sights on London – the new home of their ambitions.

It was here that Ilia was able to meet Giovanni (the bass player) and Boris (the guitarist), compelling the band to take its collective sound to new heights. In London Concrete Age has released five more albums and has been able to venture on a number of tours across and beyond the UK, performing alongside established acts such as Vader, Marduk, Korpiklaani, Hate Eternal, etc.

Their latest album "Spirituality" was tagged as the most ambitious and unique album by various online magazines such as Metal Italia, Acta Infernalis, Ave Noctum, Crossfire metal, etc.

In August 2020 Concrete Age traveled back to North Caucasus to film the first part of the "Welcome Back" music video. The second part of the video was filmed in Kent in September 2020. It was a really tough time due to pandemic restrictions but the final result was worth it.

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