Band Biographies: Matianak

Formed in 2014, Matianak (MAH-TEA-AH-NAH) which means death of a child that is also known as pontianak which is an Indonesian folklore vampiric ghost witch that died from stillbirth, was created by the vocalist Arelys Jimenez. A Black metal band from Chicago with an evil twist, hellish banshee screams, and dark evil tunes. This Vision of the band is to express the music through theatrical visuals in our performances and take you into the minds of the mentally insane. We want you to feel our music as a story itself. We use real animal bones, candles, feathers, fire, and dark imagery. The creativity through our dark arts consists of cultural influences, a variety of music genres, horror, tribes, and real stories of the mentally unstable. Our lyrics are based on real people and some personal experiences. Our goal is to give you a show of a disturbing cult tribe world and make you feel uneasy with our visuals, imagery, our performances, and music.

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