Band Biographies: Severed Angel

Severed Angel are a 5-piece band from the Northeastern United States (NY and PA) forged to unleash a sonic assault of melodic heavy metal upon the masses.

After a few years with a different line-up, in early 2022, drummer Wayne suggested forming a new original band with Lou, George, The Nightmare Stage keyboardist Marc Muchnik, and Infinite Spectrum bassist/songwriter Alex Repetti (also of Tension Rising and Project SEAR). Lou provided an original demo written 12 years ago called Dogs Of War, which was written as entrance music for his cousin – MMA fighter Robby Plotkin (currently a US Army Ranger). Wayne thought the song was perfect for this new project and arranged a new version, to which Marc and Alex wrote lyrics and Lou re-recorded his parts. Upon completion of the song, it was official – Severed Angel was born.

Their debut CD was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered within 3 months. At that time, Severed Angel started working on more material, many of which were released as singles: A Fate Worse Than Death, Run and Hyde, Bump In The Night, and Mt. Cyanide. Their self-titled debut CD is set to be released via Sliptrick Records in the spring of 2023.

Severed Angel – ready to release the dogs of war!

Severed Angel is:

Alex Repetti – Vocals/Guitar 
Lou Mavs – Guitar/Vocals 
George Dimitri – Bass Guitar 
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards 
Wayne Noon – Drums

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