Band Biographies: WinterMoonShade

WinterMoonShade is an Atmospheric, Melodic Black Metal Trio forged in 2020 and rooted in the West Shores of Portugal.

The band's name origins are a transcription of a feeling and a nocturnal sight in a special place in the group's motherland. Shades from the Moon reflecting across branches of the trees in Nights of camping inspired the very core of WinterMoonShade's existence.

The Group presentation includes leaf masks and black suits. The creation of the musical landscapes and the visuals are a gathering of ideas materialized to define the band's unique identity.

Mainly inspired by Nature, Spirituality, Dreams, and Nightmares, the Group gathered material for the Debut Album released in December 2020 via Black Spark Records.
The second chapter of the band's records saw daylight in February 2022 via Art Gates Records. "Eternal Haunted Shores" is a celebration of Memories, Tales, and Feelings from WinterMoonShade's Homeland.

Hopes and wishes are now pointed to growing as a live band and capturing attention toward the work developing. May the desire be materialized...

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