Behind The Artworks: Concrete Age - Bardo Thodol (2023)

The plot depicted on the cover of our album tells the story of a monk preparing for a journey to the underworld. The landscape that surrounds him reflects the cold and emptiness that he feels both around and inside himself. On the right side of the monk, you can see a broken hour glass, symbolizing that his time has come. The vultures surrounding the monk are ready to torment his flesh. This part of the picture is a reference to the Tibetan burial ceremony. In the sacred Tibetan Book ofthe Dead, the Bardo Thodol, the body is only a vessel that temporarily holds the soul. Just as an earthen pot is broken when it is empty, so the body is destroyed when the soul no longer needs it. Heaps of the remains near the main skull indicate the purpose of the area. We are not the first, we are not the last.

The cover of the album was created by the leader of the group - Ilya Morozov.​

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