Behind The Artworks: Devangelic - Xul (2023)

We've worked once again with Nick Keller for this album cover as we did with our previous album Ersetu.

He captured perfectly the concept we wanted and brought our ideas to life in an outstanding piece of artwork.

You can see the giant demon holding a human figure, indicating that human beings can't overcome their weaknesses; their inner demons will always prevail over them.
For this artwork we worked together to put out ideas, talking a lot via email, sending some videos to each other where some ancient demons were described, and this process was cool because the topic of the album was not so easy to replicate.

The main giant demon is inspired by a Mesopotamian mythological divinity named Humbaba, the one who causes earthquakes and is represented with dragon's teeth and a repulsive face made of entrails. VERY BRUTAL!

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