Behind The Artworks: Disconnected Souls - Dissonant Whispers (Single) (2023)

Our artwork for "Dissonant Whispers"provides a sneak peek at what awaits in our upcoming music video. The song's narrative tells of an unknown entity that casts a powerful and psychological spell on our protagonist, who then begins to manifest in their mind an attack from some ghastly sirens. We worked with a wonderful costume designer (The Weird Stuff Workshop) who brought our sirens to life with flowing fabrics and their own backstories. The cover art showcases Holly in full siren attire at the moment of attack. It's a great scene in the video and the image fits the mood of the track rather well. Our talented photographer friend and fellow musician (Tom Lloyd) edited the background of the art incorporating the photo from our videographer (JWA Creations) into a fantasy version of reality.

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