Behind The Artworks: Intimidation Display - Pulverizing Inferiority (2022)

The art came from the idea of having a knight smashing a peasant's skull with a mace. It's exactly what we got. It fits perfectly, Pulverizing Inferiority! It's not that we're better than anyone, don't get the wrong idea. It comes from the ideas mentioned above. Taking your anger out on those who have wronged you -- beating them to within an inch of their life, then the wave of relief and satisfaction as that life fades from their eyes. (Damn, those would be good lyrics!)
To sum up the album as a whole, it's a bunch of old songs I had laying around to jumpstart our band. Most people don't start writing until they're in a band, but if we had done that, we might not be here. Sitting around and writing with someone you just met is a pain. It breaks bands. You both have your own ideas and most of the time it doesn't mix. With us, I had five out of the eight songs already written. It gave us a baseline to understand what the style was, and afforded us the ability to collaborate fluidly from then on. This next album is gonna be so brutal because of it.

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