Behind The Artworks: Nemesism - Nemesism (2023)


In this band we all love gore, whether it's through horror or music, but this first release needed to feel like a next step musically and individually. When we made the decision to continue on as Nemesism after the split of Guttural secrete, there was a period where we were not sure which direction we wanted to go, aesthetically. This enigmatic art piece, titled "Stigmata" by the artist Bahrull Marta, makes us feel like it represents a sense of anger directed to one's self. That is the definition of “nemesism”. Though this art was not originally created specifically for us or the release, we reached out to Bahrull when we saw it, as we knew immediately that this was the aesthetic we were looking for. Bahrull creates a perfect atmosphere for our band, and we hope to work with him more on future releases.

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