Behind The Artworks: Sarah Halter - The Doom That Binds Us (2023)

One thing that I love about being a solo artist is that I can choose who to collaborate with, support, and feature in my work. For this EP’s album artwork, I commissioned my sister, Hannah Halter-Haring.

Mid-production phase, I went on a trip with my partner and friends to Lost World Caverns in Lewisburg, West Virginia. During the cavern tour, I was in awe of the elegant yet hauntingly beautiful natural landscape. After reviewing photos from the tour, something clicked and I thought, “That’s album art-worthy!”

Hannah completed the painting with the cavern photos and her artistic perception of the project in mind. When it was about half-way finished, we both noticed a section that was starting to look like skulls and bones in the lower right hand corner. I was so glad that she decided to run with that visual because it really brings home the “doom” aspect of the album title.


I used my previous logo used for A Clockwork Destiny created by Maxwell Aston.

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