Behind The Tracks: Deathmerits - Folly (Single) (2023)

"Deathmerits is a Christian hardcore project based out of New Hampshire, with the goal of proclaiming the Gospel and edifying the body of Christ through positive, aggressive music. All songs are composed, performed, and produced by John Lindsey and have been mixed and mastered by Maciej (Widekmusic), with the exception of ‘Forfeit’ which was mixed and mastered by Shawn Iannazo.

On January 13th, the newest single ‘Folly’ was released on all digital platforms. This song is very personal to me and was inspired one day while taking a walk on one of my favorite trails near the Seacoast. As someone who has played guitar in many bands and has written many original compositions of all different styles, my writing process always begins with instrumentation and composition. I’ve never been a lyricist so writing lyrics always come last, which I find easier to do when a song is already completed. Listening to the music I had pre-recorded some months before, I began reflecting on the absurdity of life apart from God and the utter hopelessness and tragedy of a godless universe. Like most of us, I’ve witnessed the downfall of friends and family who have abandoned faith in pursuit of sin and other hedonistic vices. They not only turn away from the faith they once claimed but deny any supernatural or transcendent reality in exchange for a belief encompassed by randomness and meaninglessness. The first half of the song focuses on the bleakness of this concept and attempts to provide a beautiful reprieve of truth for the second half. That is, the latter provides the real and glorious hope that we have in Christ and our inability to escape His grace, if only common, even in our unbelief. My desire is that this song would speak to those who haven’t truly considered the ramifications of their denial of their creator and that it would point them to the only one who can save us from sin, death, and unbelief—Jesus Christ.

The sample used in the song is a clip from a sermon by the late, great, Martin Lloyd Jones. I was scouring YouTube and Sermon Audio for the perfect clip when I finally landed on this hour-or-so-long video that aligned perfectly with what I was going for thematically. What I lacked in getting the point across, MLJ makes up for with ease." - John Lindsey of Deathmerits

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