Behind The Tracks: Evil Incarnate - Great Dragon Of Thunder (Single) (2022)

As The lyrics for this Single we have released explain themselves below I will keep the description short. The song Is about The Dark One has been here since the beginning. As we are now said to be in The End of Days we have a situation in that The Global Rulers under The Devils Direction have been performing Ritual after Ritual upon us all. It’s current and coming Tyrannical Rule is referred to often as The Beast System. The Righteous of Earth are weak and turn the cheek and Pray as nothing ever comes as far as any sort of Paradise. They are continually Brainwashed into sitting idly waiting for a savior as Religion was created to Enslave them for The Devil. The Preacher and Pope are all corrupt and Working for Lucifer’s Kingdom so it is The Wolf misguiding The sheep. Upon The Final Ritual The Earth will Crack as The Beast Awakens to Crush All in his Path.

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