Behind The Tracks: LASTIES - Don't Close Your Eyes (Single) (2023)

Don't Close Your Eyes' is what's left of a love song when love turns sour. Featuring an alternative rock, memorable chorus with softer EDM/Pop vibes in the verses, the tune evolves into a heartfelt, epic bridge where the three voices of Sara, Marco, and Greg fuse into one choral gut punch of emotion. The lyrics are a caveat never to lose your humanity. Love is the sweetest of games, but two hurt lovers can be each other's worst enemy, creating a vicious circle of guilt-tripping. You can choose to feed into the circle, close your eyes and pretend it's your partner's fault for changing. Or you can distance yourself, admit that you're no saint, and two wrongs don't always make a right. And, if you care about who you used to love, walk away.

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