Behind The Tracks: Noise In Myself - Necessity Of Exploration (Single) (2023)

We feel the need to explore what makes us alive. Questions, love, death, darkness, and light.

We are all part of a bigger picture whether we like it or not, there is a collective consciousness of disturbance; we don't really know the purpose of the human race and why we are here.

"the emptiness that brings us together in a tear of sadness is the darkness that only love can illuminate, as well as the dead and the destroyed raise up."

But we know what we are doing because what we are doing is on our hands, with our blood and sweat.

There must be more to it than wars, pollution, and the hectic time in which we are caged: just living to consume and be forgotten, or still bring destruction among ourselves.

We would like with all our hearts for a being from another dimension to explain to us what to do to be useful, to do good, beyond, beyond all this.

"tell me space creature tell me what could I do, and I will do beyond, beyond all this..."

It is as if something is telling us with certainty that up there in space we are not alone.

something tells us with certainty that up there in space we are not alone, we have not never been alone.

This is Necessity of Exploration.

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