Track By Tracks: AIN’T - LO-FI DEMO EP (2022)


Imagine your faith like Chuck Noland on a desert island but without his Wilson. Here you are! I think this is the best way to explain Christaway. Abstention that generates monsters in your head and makes you shipwrecked in apathy. I've only played it once in my life, that is when I recorded it, which at the same time coincides with the moment I improvised it. At that moment, I also had the guitar out of tune and it is precisely this that, in my opinion, gave it a certain originality. The tuned bass collides with the out-of-tune guitar! In the beginning, its appearance on “Lo-Fi Demo EP” hadn’t even been planned, then one day I discarded a song that didn’t fit so I decided to insert it and even to choose it as the first track of the album because I think it is musically one of the most representative songs of the concept I wanted to express on the record.


It is my criticism of a hypocritical, inconsistent and passive society. Everyone wants to save the world but nobody does it in the end, in fact some of us are committed every day to destroying it or in any case to making it horrible and violent. It's the dog chasing its tail, all the people arguing with each other over who has to change things but no one points the finger at themselves.


If I remember well it is the oldest song on the album. I wrote it years ago and it coincides with my stylistic turning point. In my previous projects, I was rooted in Brit rock, then that genre started to bore me and so I started writing completely different stuff, including Stand The Dominoes On End. Perhaps it is the most punk song of the album, both musically and lyrically. The concept expressed is a change that fails to happen because there is something that has deeply marked us or because we were born "wrong". Although we have the potential to change things, we always stay on the starting line until we feel like a "burden" to society. It is the track that statistically fans like the most, as far as I’ve understood. As for me, it is the one I like the least.


I started writing it just before the pandemic period. Initially, I was going to call it "Pneumonia", because it gave me the idea of chaos and therefore of a run to save yourself from suffocating from pneumonia. Then, I changed its name for several reasons. In any case, the current title makes the same idea, that is, of a situation that suddenly becomes violent and noisy. It is inspired by our nights of booze, drugs, and scum. It was supposed to be the first song on the album but Christaway stole its place.


It's a song that could sound blasphemous, but actually, Christ is an inspiration for me as I consider him the greatest rock star of all time (yes, for the Christian religion this is very blasphemous!!!). The narcissistic Christ, that is, myself is nothing but a sad man who finds narcissism the only comfort.


It's the most melodic song on the record and it's the one that has drawn most from Brit rock, of which I've been a fan in the past. It is the mantra to seek a light that can teach you the way, but which at the same time can blind you and lead you astray.


For me, it was a must to close the record with a reprise of "Flashes, Clones & Street Motherfuckers" because it is the typical track that immediately suggests just this kind of thing. We had forgotten an important part of our nights together with flashes, clones, and street motherfuckers, that is the whores!

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