Track By Tracks: Antitheus - The Faults Of Our Kind (2023)

1. Dawn of Creation:

As an intro, Dawn of Creation accomplishes a lot. It begins with a haunting build by a piano and a ticking behind it. It transforms into what sounds like the moment of creation, with a crash and a cavalcade of strings. A choir presents itself in the final moments to lead us into the first main song on the album.

The title is meant to act as a nod to it not only being the first song on the album but also ties in thematically with the next track.

2. Outcast:

Outcast is a song about humanity’s original sin and its first mistake. Yes, while a telling of the classical Adam and Eve story, it dives further into it by stating that while they made a mistake, it was in the confines of strict and arguably unfair rules. While being cast out of the garden, sometimes it is better to live on the edge of society as an outcast, where one can feel freer and more unrestrained. However, it is a delicate balance, because this freedom can also cause more and more mistakes.

3. Our Dying Abode:

Our first single on the album, Our Dying Abode directly calls out humanity’s treatment of the planet. It fights and fights to remove us like the parasites we are, yet we remain, continuously poisoning it. It acts as a grave reminder that we have one earth and that we are the cause of any pain done to it. While many claim that we may be fine or we may survive, we will be wiped from existence before the earth will die. We made the mistake of trying to start a fight with something that will continue to fight until its last breath.

4. Hate Thy Neighbor:

This song, our second single, is about the hypocrisy witnessed during times of civil unrest by those who claim to “love thy neighbor”. Those same people would go on to hate those fighting for their rights or those trying to protect their loved ones from getting sick. The selfishness exhibited by these individuals was truly abhorrent behavior as they would consistently try to make themselves the victims of issues that did not affect them. The mistake here is how we treat others and how we would rather put others down.

5. The Architect’s Failure:

This song embodies the idea of a hard reset on humanity. This version that we’ve evolved into is too far gone to change their ways. Trusting we could ever become something salvageable is the true mistake here. Ultimately, their resurgence in the world would cause fatal for humanity as we know it, for the song highlights that we have failed them, and as such, they have failed themselves.

6. Baba Yaga:

Sonically, this song differs from a lot of the album, but it’s what makes it such a gem. Baba Yaga is written about the old legend of a witch in the woods who lives in a house made of chicken legs. Our vocalist, who is half Russian, wanted to highlight this story that parents tell their children to scare them. This version of the story finds two children who make the mistake of running away from home and getting lost in the woods. What seems like a sweet, innocent old lady who tries to help them quickly turns into a gruesome tale of her having a meal of the children. The last minute of this song really capitalizes on a lot of the build from the rest of the music and lyrics.

7. No Time Left:

This is a deeply personal song to our vocalist but also acts as a cautionary tale. This song was written about his father's heavy addiction to alcohol. It was written many years ago during the height of this issue about how this continued behavior would eventually kill him and how people who suffer this addiction to a bottle over all else, even those closest to them. He ultimately did die due to his continued abuse, and it now serves as a cautionary tale to others to not make the mistake of choosing a substance over those you hold near and dear in your life.

8. The Knot:

The Knot helps to close out the album in a powerhouse fashion. This song starts strong and ends stronger. This song deals with a lot. From ideas of suicide to hating those around you to no one being around to hear your cries for help, this song serves as a reminder to not make the mistake to check on those close to you. It also acts as the ultimate “fuck you” song to those who you just can’t stand, and to remind yourself that it’s okay to just simply hate people based on their actions in this world.

9. The End is the Beginning:

This outro gives a feeling of everything being taken away from your grasp and not being able to control it until nothing exists. After us, there will be nothing until there is something. Hopefully, that something can do better than we did. The name here has 2 meanings. First, the end is quite literally the beginning, just reversed. Second, the end of humanity is the beginning of something much greater.

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