Track By Tracks: Blood Thirsty Demons - Esoteric (2022)

1. Holy Mountain:

It is the intro of the release, its dark atmospheres of dark and doom organs and guitars introduce the album while the part spoken by Alejandro Jodorowsky, taken from his film "The Holy Mountain", describes what a spiritual path can be, which can start with a goal and then find a more important one.

2. Black Mass:

This is the real opening track. The song starts with a very fast rhythm, with a central variation before and after the guitar solo and remains constant and energetic until the end. The lyrics of the song talk about a person who accidentally is near a black mass and although he is hearing the call of the devil, he tries to refrain from following him; this is Cristian's first autobiographical reference within the album.

3. Steven:

This is a personal revisited cover of the great Alice Cooper song, from the album “Welcome To My Nightmare”. In this song Steven turns into a killer, and represents a bit one of the moments when in a person's spiritual and esoteric path, he begins to have doubts about the path to follow. The atmosphere of the original song was so gloomy, so Cristian decided to make it more horror, with organs, dark Piano and doom guitars.

4. Esoteric:

The title track; The whole album is a concept that talks about the spiritual and esoteric life of Cristian Mustaine. This song is the summary of the entire release and talks about how Cristian lived his passion for esotericism from the beginning to today; it is introduced by some words taken from the film "L'Arcano Incantatore" by Pupi Avati and it starts with an atmosphere and a part with a very fast rhythm. After a wicked guitar solo there is a break with a dark arpeggio and the gloomy lyrics introducing the darkest part of the song which represents the search for purification in the spiritual path; finally the song returns to the same rhythm as at the beginning, speaking of Cristian's current vision of esotericism; a frenzied guitar solo accompanies the conclusion of the track.

5. Evocation:

This is a dark interlude that divides the album into two parts; demonic voices, organ, and piano come together in a dark and suffering sound; a sound which thus introduces the second half of the album.

6. Devil’s Church:

The song starts with a very doom part which gives it a very gloomy atmosphere and this rhythm continues up to the central part that precedes and accompanies the guitar solo, where space is given to the more progressive part of the entire release and then it returns to the previous doom sound and it concludes. The lyrics are related to the song "Black Mass"; in this case the beast is inside its own church and it tries again to call the person accidentally there… but he still resists.

7. Guardian Of My Soul:

The dark Ballad of the album; the piano introduces us to Cristian's frantic quest to discover the name of the guardian of his soul while the arpeggiated guitar accompanies; then starts the first melodic solo that brings rhythm to the song which is pushed into a refrain with progressive bases. A rhythmic verse continues until the second melodic guitar solo, another verse, and a dark sad progressive final with piano, arpeggiated guitar, drum, and harmonic solos. The lyrics of this song is a tribute to what Cristian considers the entity that guided him on his spiritual path.

8. Spiritual Path:

An evil organ introduces this song which is one of the fastest and most rhythmic of the release; then the first introductory guitar solo starts, the song proceeds quickly, with a short break in the part of the second guitar solo, then it starts again quickly and in the end, it breaks with some progressive riffs. The lyrics of this song tell once again how Cristian's life has changed since his esoteric studies began until today.

9. The Wickedness Of Men:

Some words taken from the film "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman introduce this song. The song starts with a doom beat and it continues like this until the first long guitar solo which introduces the song in a gloomy pause with dark guitar arpeggios, harmonizing solos, and an evil voice that introduces us to the return of the song in doom rhythms. After a short acceleration, the second guitar solo starts and ends in a progressive break. The song still continues with doom rhythms and ends accelerating. The lyrics of this song talk about how the devil manages to make people believe that evil on earth is only the work of man, even if in reality it is he who guides people.

10. The Believer:

The song of the Lyrics video is out in December. Another fast rhythm song, with an introductory guitar solo; continues fast to the part that precedes the second guitar solo and introduces it and then accelerates again and remains constant and energetic until the end with some progressive steps. Finished the song, another part taken from the film "The Seventh Seal” ends the album by asking a question about the meaning of life. the lyrics of this song are about how people need to believe in something to be able to live.

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