Track By Tracks: The Human Race Is Filth - Cognitive Dissonance (2023)

1. Life of tyrants:

This track was intended to dig deep into the minds of our fears as humans. As an intro, we wanted to play off the insanity of growing up in a world deeply hollow but also grab the listener's attention for what’s about to be unleashed in the remaining tracks.

2. Apes with Christ:

Is a song that was wrote after seeing a documentary about religious cults. People are so quick to cast aspersions on someone who doesn’t fall into a pigeonhole of their god. When at the end of it all religious or not humans are just apes with their religious freedoms.

3. Electronic Caterpillar:

Who are we and what are we? Where do we come from was it a god? Was it an atom that mutated into this filth we call the human race? How far have we come and what is the future that lies ahead of us? This song is about humans continually finding new was and methods of destroying ourselves and each other.

4. Bastardized:

Personal song to me (Kasey). When I was a young boy I was taken to a church first time ever by my Grandparents. The preacher said to me that I need to spend the rest of my life devoted to God because I was a Bastard child. Unless I and my loved ones can prove ourselves to god’s love aka money. I would be damned to hell. Well fuck him I like sitting by a fire hahaha.

5. Cloaked In shame:

Mental illness is a huge issue in this country. Since Covid took courses over the world. Suicide rates at drastically increased. As someone who battled, mental illness myself, I think it’s important that we normalize speaking about our mental struggles, and not fall into the taboo of feeling like we need to hide behind closed doors.

6. Hopes Wavered:

Is there such a thing as human dignity? For many years, try to look past the discrepancies between people in our country. The facts are, the majority of people put their own needs and wants ahead of the betterment of our brothers and sisters. The fact that we can’t look past simple things such as Race and Gender but instead we use that, as the dividing line of what’s fair and unfair, makes us feel hopeless for the future.

7. Propagating technology:

It's time we trim out the middleman. We are sold that technology and the advancement of technology are for the imagination of conjuring a better life. With the technology in the past decade, we have only bred more hate and shaming, especially for kids all around the world. Technology has made it so that youth want to appease others more than themselves. Which has only added to the mental health crisis that looms around the world.

8. Vomiting the strings of human decay:

simply put. This world makes us sick. The sociologic, economic, race, and ethnicity issues that proceed all over the world is really disheartening. When will it stop? Will it ever stop? Maybe not but we will always be a band that will speak out on these issues.

9. Tribal injections of division:

Covid is real. It was a real disease that swept the whole world and many people were afraid. The issue is we allowed our government to politicize the issue which only heightened the fear of the unknown. Here in America if you were red, you believed one thing. If you were blue, you believe something completely different. The disease became very tribal in that sense. So instead of helping each other out and finding a solution to tame the fear. We did what we have a history of doing. That creates an internal conflict with ourselves to decide which side of the political line we fall on.

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