Track By Tracks: Intimidation Display - Pulverizing Inferiority (2022)

1. Pulverizing Inferiority:

This was the first song I ever wrote. Well, the first song worth a shit. So that's why it's first on the album ha! The intro and main verse riffs came about from jamming with a close friend when I was 16, and the breakdown came later on when I wanted to start playing death metal pretty seriously.

Lyrically, the song is about taking revenge on someone who has wronged you. People who go through their lives constantly taking advantage of others' kindness and lie/cheat/steal to get ahead at your expense should be pulverized.

2. Vociferous Condemnation:

This song started with the intro. (Ha, no shit right?) I wrote the intro riff in my garage trying to come up with some stuff for a thrash project I was in. That never panned out so I kept the riff and added to it. After playing the riff over and over, it wasn't really good enough to have as a main part in the song, but it was still fun to play; so I just stuck it right in front of the rest of the song to get it out there and over with! The main riff goes between 7/8 and 5/4, and it started a trend of writing ridiculous fucking riffage, something I'd come to regret later...

The lyrics are pretty straightforward death metal, kill everyone because you hate them. Inspiring I'm sure!


Musically this one is pretty simple, "Variations on a theme" is the technical term I believe. That ugly chord in the middle was "invented" by a buddy of mine who certainly can't play the guitar haha! But we were going for disgusting noise and it fit perfectly! The nasty pick-scraping at the end is so much fun to do, and it sounds so brutal! The lyrics are about the rat race, live to work, work to live. I hate that shit. It's why I started a death metal band in the first place, so I can make my millions and escape the race! Ha!


This one has another ridiculous riff in it, all brought about by Vociferous. It came about by having two riffs that just didn't seem finished, not quite strong enough to stand on their own. So I slapped them together and called it a day! The opening dissonance is relating to the lyrical content. The main theme of the song came from a documentary I saw on the Fukushima disaster, apparently, after the cleanup, there were a bunch of ghost sightings. Apparitions just waiting for the bus, standing on a street corner, sitting where an outdoor café used to be... Fucking creepy man! Imagine if they were pissed about being dead and chased the living down and killed them! Brutal!


Variations on a theme. The cool part starts with the hammer on diddly-doo. The evil lead part that leads to the climax of the song (excellent verbiage, I know) was impossible to record. It took me forever to play it super clean all the way through! Necro-(death) (epi)lepsy. Just a crazy idea of flashing in and out of existence, dying over and over with seizures. It just sounds fuckin brutal!


This whole song is hard. Everything about it. Plus I have to sing over it. Even harder! The lyrics are partly inspired by Dante's Inferno, traveling through hell and seeing people from your life who have wronged you. Except I'll take part in their torture!


This one came together right before we went to the studio. It epitomizes the thought from earlier, ridiculous fucking riffage! Difficult for the sake of being difficult. I can barely slop my way through it when we play it live, so it doesn't come out that often.

8. Wrong One:

Another one of my OG songs. The ending riff with all that dissonance had been in my back pocket forever. It was just a matter of building up to it. This has my favorite "Ben Bass Break" in it, I love making him play shit by himself. His tone is so massive it just makes every riff sound like a sledgehammer to the teeth!

The lyrics are political, so I won't elaborate on them. How dare you try to understand my gurgling vocal vomit!

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