Track By Tracks: Jupiter Zeus - Frequency Prison (2023)

1. Silent Screams:

This is one of the highlights of the album. featuring a haunting piano intro/outro performed by band friend Sareth Maya. The lyrics are some of the most depressing ever written... A throwback to my melancholic teenage years. Despite the depressive nature of this song, the overall vibe is uplifting, with the piano outro giving a sense of hope.

2. Dystopian Nightmares:

This song was originally written over 6 years ago. Back then it wasn't too hard to foresee that in the not-too-distant future, the world would be in a very turbulent state. Needless to say, this scenario has eventuated for much of humanity... Arguably the heaviest song on the album.

3. Stationary:

This uptempo song is about the flat earth movement. I personally find this topic fascinating. It's also believed, to be a psyop that the ruling class have deliberately introduced, in order to divide the truth community. A plausible possibility.

4. Dangerous Freedom:

The longest song on the album and my personal fave'. The title is a reference to a quote made famous by Thomas Jefferson. "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.

Our leaders and their media mouthpieces are very much pushing safety at all costs, and in doing so, they sneakily take away our freedoms. Is this what we really want?

The repetitive lyrics in the outro drive home the message that one could argue, that in this present world, we really are living in a virtual prison, with the prospect of a digital identy/currency, social credit system and mass surveillance being openly promoted by the one world government control system. Happy days😁

5. Nowhere To Play:

This song has a "fuzz buzz" vibe and was written during one of the lockdowns, hence the title...Seeing the playground equipment being taped off really angered up my blood. The word on the street is that this was only a "dry run" and there may be more to come...

6. Plandemic:

The flange-infused intro, with slight psych... brings on another song about the ongoing coronavirus "shitshow". Generally speaking, too many people are too willing to accept the government narrative without asking questions... Crazy times courtesy of mass formation psychosis?

7. Falling Down:

Without having a specific lyrical theme, this is a bonafide stoner rock ditty. I particularly like the bridge section. The lyrics remind us, that despite our human struggles, challenges, and whatnot, within each of us exists a piece/spark of divinity and co-creation.

8. Mark Passio:

This song is named after Mark Passio, an independent researcher, and teacher on many topics such as occulted knowledge and natural law. I've been influenced by him by watching his videos and listening to his podcasts. And because Passio rhymes with radio, it was a bonus. Another uptempo tune.

9. It's Not Happening:

This mid tempo song with a driving rock vibe is about the current situation that much of humanity is facing...and the propensity for many people to deny that it is not happening. They would rather stick their heads in the sand and or cling on to the comfortable lies within the matrix system. The rhythmic and hypnotic bass line really makes this song sing.

10. Written Off:

This song tells a real-life story of yours truly losing control of my vehicle on a wet road traveling through a bend. The car ended up on its roof. My dog was also in the car but luckily she escaped unscathed. The carton of eggs in the vehicle at the time sadly did not... The song features a very catchy chorus and the bridge is somewhat sludge-like with gruff vocals to boot.

11. Scientism:

I discovered the word 'scientism' through the aforementioned Mark Passio. It means along the lines that the authority of science is "king" and it shouldn't really be challenged. Therefore science has become a religion. Trust the science etc... This mid-tempo song has an 80s hard rock vibe and is one of the few songs on the album that doesn't have a chorus or a bridge.

12. Frequency Prison:

The title track epitomizes the main lyrical theme of the album. It has been postulated by many that the ruling class wants humans to be trapped in a fear-based realm and henceforth stuck in a ^frequency prison". The lower the vibration, the easier it is to control us. Mind control in a nutshell. Musically, this is a doom song with an obviously very slow tempo. The gruff vocals in the verses are also a throwback to our heritage days of long ago when we were known as Nebula in the mid-90s.

13. Merciful Father:

This lengthy song tells a personal story that is band related. It tells the story of a former member leaving Jupiter Zeus due to 'musical differences' and too many long hot showers...He later rejoined and we jokingly referred to him as the 'prodigal son', and so this also made me the 'Merciful Father'. The irony was, he soon left again because nothing was really resolved. The outro is strong, with heartfelt vocals bellowing and bemoaning words with much emotionality. A very rare guitar solo ends on a high.

14. Chaos Reigns Supreme:

The surprise packet to end the album. Just acoustic guitar and vocals are done in one take. Raw and aattimesi fragile. A different way to end...

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