Track By Tracks: Self-Deceiver - Across The Styx (2022)


Musically speaking, like Where The Purest Souls this song has a Blackened Death Metal vibe (Behemoth or Crionics influenced) where there are lots of pipe organs, choruses, and a dark atmosphere in general. Lyrically this song is about how humanity has lost its essence, how we have destroyed the ecosystem, how we have lost our freedom, either because of the desire for money or because it is no longer allowed to express our points of view, how there are wars due to religious fanaticism. As a consequence of the aforementioned, perhaps it is the moment that the universe begins contracting and the circle closes to start a new humanity.


This song is perhaps the oldest song that made it into the Across The Styx album. Initially written in Brazil, it is a dynamic song with several changes in intensity. The concept behind the cover art is based on this song. The song is about the river Styx that separates the world of the living from the dead with references to the Divine Comedy. The song is a metaphor for some leaders who manage to manipulate the masses to hate, attack, and kill one to another while they are pursuing personal goals and they don't fight these wars. So when these leaders die, in the underworld there are no disguises to deceive so they will face all the hate they spread, maybe falling into the Styx.


Falling in grace is a pure instrumental song. It expresses feelings of melancholy and gratitude. The song flows through different moments of intensity going from slow rhythms to blast beats, but always prevailing the melody created by the guitars and the string instruments.


Lamb of War is the second song in the Album from the Brazil period. It is the song where the very beginnings of Self-Deceiver are represented, when the band was more influenced by thrash metal, with more aggressive riffs and changes of tempo. This song is about the millions of people who must flee their territories because of war. It’s a song about refugees, their suffering, and about the blindness of the world to this situation.


This was the last song we wrote for the Across The Styx album. Musically speaking there is a blackened death metal influence, with heavy palm-muted riffs mixed with slow dark chord progressions, that accompanied by heavy pipe organs create an obscure Behemoth vibe. Lyrically the concept is pretty straightforward, the song is about the pro-life speech used by the Catholic church to condemn and judge those who choose abortion while they couldn't care less about traumatizing and destroying the innocence and the psych of many children around the globe by minimizing and covering up multiple cases of pedophilia they are accused of.


This song is perhaps the slowest and most epic of the album with a big influence from Amon Amarth and bands like Windir, Mistur, and Vinland. The song is about the strength it takes to live and continue despite all the difficulties, and how the strongest and bravest are those who survive and manage to leave a legacy.


Once the music for this song took shape, we knew it was going to be the last song on our first album. The ending in particular was designed to be epic, repetitive, monotonous, and very Black Metal-esque. Our Existence has the dynamism and atmosphere we want in a Self-Deceiver song. Lyrically speaking it is quite an existentialist song, it deals with the fact that we were born only to die, predestined, and the vast majority have passed through life without many others knowing of their existence because only a very few leave a mark.

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