Track By Tracks: Threnody - Rid Of Flesh (2022)

1. Picking at Slough:

This song tampers with how Threnody songs were structured. It was wild. But, it turned out to be a brutal little number covering many bases in one piece. It’s a good opener to get the folks swooning. Wordwise it’s about a person so disgusted with their appearance they feel it's best to peel the skin off their face as the process is streamed to their partner. Oh, modern love.

2. Crib Death:

Threnody’s first song and maybe the catchiest displays the young band’s efforts to break away from the thrash/speed scene. The infectious riffs paired with the searing lead trade-offs between guitars make it an instant feel-good jam for birthdays, religious events, or any instance that needs a little fun smeared on it. The words were inspired by separate reported cases in the news of parents abusing/killing their children.

3. Cess Remnants:

A mid-tempo heavy groove that gets the head nodding and stays consistent throughout. With its captivating rhythm and lyrical focus on basement abortions of deformed fetuses there is no better way to say ‘I love you.’

4. Maggot Feast:

This nasty jam hints a little to the hardcore influences affecting the band in the early 90’s. With what constituted endurance Threnody may consider this one the meanest on the record. It’s violent stomp makes you want to destroy everything around you and laugh the whole time. Lyrically inspired by ‘Terminal Park’ from Gary J. Shipley. Read it.

5. Rid of Flesh:

The antithesis of any other Threnody song. One reviewer said the song sounded like some sort of creature coming behind you at a slow pace. Slow. But still approaching. Compared to the other tunes on the record, this is Threnody’s ballad. A perfect chance to steal a kiss from your special sweetheart. Word wise the song is themeless. They are just words.

6. Internal Infestation:

A pulsing beat and a little breathing room with open chords and bass flanger. Look out. With words describing a cuckold that’s had enough and kills his partner along with her johns. It has all the ingredients for being the soundtrack of cherished moments.

7. Choking on Blood:

It’s time to party. A real get up and dance number from the band. A greasy swagger that grabs your hips and makes them move. Go for it, we’re all friends here and lubricated. Lyrically inspired by ‘Left Hand’ from Paul Curran. Read it. If you can.

8. Dissected Infected:

Quite possibly the darkest song on the record. The odd timing and structure sets it apart from Threnody’s other songs. Something different from the band that’s sure to be enjoyed by fans for many listens to come. Words inspired by deep web tutorials on how to make a living doll.

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