Track By Tracks: Vick LeCar's Gallus Rex - Gallus Rex (2022)

1. Riding High:

Originally was about a woman's drug addiction, and then she gets together with men who give her the drugs and make Ride High again, but it also has a different meaning, is like riding high, but it could be in life itself, your career, relationship, I like when things go bad, and then you go back up and start doing well and Riding High, basically the roller coaster of life.

2. When It Rains:

When it rains is about storm Ida that we had here in New Orleans LA, altogether that destroy a lot of people, homes, and families, and, which is basically from the devastating results from that storm...It was a very scary time and place, we lost a lot of people as well. Animals' houses were taken away, so Reuben Williams's (my singer) house was ripped apart, That’s where it all came from, very sad period.

3. Dead On The Inside:

It’s a very peculiar song, Reuben and I were talking about life itself, about my and his teenage years, Ruben has an affinity to read into you and relates to your experiences, (real artist) to people in general, certain parts of life where we feel like we are dead on the inside or we are just surviving, something like you have to get out of this mental and or physical place before you’re completely dead. it’s very interesting it is not a simple song to describe, It’s basically that that part of life is more spiritual, even though it’s hard and heavy, it is looking to the side of ourselves.

4. If Heaven Takes You First:

Well, this song is literally about the pandemic that we had around the world. It was a very sad time in the world altogether. is a very honest song, about not being able to see people that you love and that they were going to die before you, there’s nothing fake or formulated about any of this songs, especially If Heaven Takes You First.

5. My Guitar Ans I.:

This song is not too hard to figure out. It’s of course about my guitar, but I mainly about my main guitar, which is a Gibson Les Paul Standard 1987. this song was born a long time ago musically until we put the words Reuben and I, it’s just about how close one can get to your main instrument, once again the more spiritual part of music and our instruments, I’m sure that many players can relate, it is not just about strings, metal, and wood, my guitar speaks for me, for all those moments that I kept quiet when I should scream, the silence cries and he punches and kicks I held back, she is everything.

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