Band Biographies: ETWAS

ETWAS is a french black symphonic metal band with dark ambient and powerful orchestrations. Finding inspiration in several artistic influences (music, literature, movies), the band proposes complete and original compositions, searching to be as close as possible to their own universe: sinister and gloomy, gothic and macabre.

Created in 2017 by Victoria (lyrics), Florian (bass guitar), and Silver (guitar), ETWAS releases, after three years of work, their first EP "BEHIND THE VEIL", composed of six epic and melancholic tracks, allying the sweetness of a lyrical voice to the guitars violent riffs. This first opus, through melodies and lyrics, deals with an endless battle between Man, greedy and always dissatisfied, justifying his acts with religious dogmas, and Nature, always more hurt before taking revenge.
Few months after this release, Clément (drums) joined the band.

Together or by distance, in rehearsal or thanks to the internet, each member of the band interacts in the composition of the tracks, giving the melodies some of his own originality.

Through the new compositions, ETWAS takes a decisive turn: the melodies get darker, the guitar and bass guitar riffs turn into louder and faster ones, and the drums become more violent and aggressive. If the main voice stays lyrical, growls join, to give more impact to the lyrics and the orchestrations.

The covered topics are gothic poetry, as Baudelaire's Litanies of Satan can be, and dreadful myths where witches, vampires, ghosts, and necromancers haunt the listener.

In 2022, "ENOCHIAN KEYS - CHAPTER I", a 40 minutes album is released, composed of 10 tracks of powerful and grim black symphonic metal.

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