Band Biographies: THE HIP PRIESTS

Since their inception in 2006, The HIP PRIESTS have released a mighty thirty 7” singles, four albums, two compilations, and three EPs by various independent labels from all over Europe & the USA!!

Fiercely independent and tirelessly driven, the ‘Priests have preached their high-energy sermon of misanthropy, hate, and contempt across numerous tours of the UK, Europe, and the USA and made countless rapturously received festival appearances. Gaining a richly deserved reputation as a white-hot live band, the last few years have seen the band’s popularity increasing further with them regularly playing alongside kindred spirits such as The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, The Good the Bad and the Zugly, New Bomb Turks, Dwarves, and Zeke at both festivals and in clubs.
Rave reviews pour in for every release, ranging from ‘a band on top of their game & steps ahead of any of their UK contemporaries’ to ‘if you’re in any doubt about how good these bad boys are then you need locking up’.

After 16 years some bands would be taking it easy but in spite of a global pandemic, there was no let-up in their determination and activity. Their fifth, and by far their best full-length album - Roden House Blues was written, rehearsed, and recorded during this period and will be released in Spring 2023 via The Sign Records.

Following the opening up of live music again, the band has spent the year playing live as much as possible, kicking off with a full UK tour alongside Supersuckers and including numerous trips to Europe. Tours are already booked throughout the U.K and Europe in support of the new album release, in 2023.

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