Band Biographies: In The Act Of Violence

In The Act Of Violence are a 4-piece Canadian brutal slamming deathcore band formed in the Greater Toronto Area in 2006. The band has undergone several key lineup changes over the years; always evolving but never forgetting their roots in death metal, slam, and hardcore. The band have toured and shared the stage with many of the most influential acts in the metal community like Waking the Cadaver, Coal Chamber, After The Burial, Hunt The Dinosaur, Shadow Of Intent, among many others. The band will soon be releasing their tenth record, "Parasitic Populace", which will be the first to feature the vicious and scathing vocal stylings of new frontman, Jaime Crews. In 2023, the band are showing no signs of slowing down and are looking to the future with plans of releasing more music and playing more live shows.

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