Behind The Tracks: Escape The Hive - In Between (Single) (2023)

Michael Thomas Beck: I usually am tasked with lyrics and melodies for what we write. I had the lyrics started but not finished They were originally intended for another song from a previous band. The music was written by Escape the Hive bass player, Paul Williams. He was just kind of messing around and warming up. That melodic bassline just kind of fell out of him and the rest followed. He had written it at a slower tempo. But those lyrics I had really seemed to fit but at a faster pace. And when we put the two together, it all seem to work out how it was intended.

The lyrics behind the song are about social media, and the division it creates. All those social media sites were originally meant to be a positive place for friends to get together. But that's not what it's turned into. Quite the opposite. I wanted to get that point across at the very start of the song. " Stuck inside this prison. Made by me. And only me.This self-inflicted poison. Born free. Born free."

We all seem to perpetuate the idea that those media sites are a free space to speak your mind. But they've turned into a prison that we've made on our own. And we stay there by our own choosing. Even thou we all know what the downfalls are. "I know where this is headed. Into the nothing. There's no in-between.

I know where all this goes. And how it ends.

There's no InBetween". It struck me as odd that we all just accept that. And that even though it's complained about, nothing is done. And as usual, the loudest voices get the run of it. While the other 90% of us just sit back and laugh. "Don't put your guilt on me. I've been anointed. Don't you think or lean?

This is the place for apathy. All set to boil. Set to an extreme." Stated with some sarcasm. The bridge is one of my favorite musical parts. Our drummer AD Adams came up with the feeling that leads that part. The way he goes to the toms and then the guitars intertwine thru it was the icing on the cake. I'm really happy with how "In Between" turned out. As well as the rest of the songs in the record. We set out to make a 70s vibe record. With all the dynamics that come with it. It's great when you write something that you like because you like it. And then others seem to get it as well. I guess that's really what it's all about being an artist as a whole!

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