Behind The Tracks: Grungepunks - Rimshot (Single) (2023)

"Rimshot" is the latest song from Grungepunks, the hard rock side-project of singer/songwriter Aaron Reynolds. A heavy nu-metal tinged track, "Rimshot" was originally a song Aaron wrote a few years back that was never used. At the end of 2022 as Aaron began to decide how to re-brand his heavy music via Grungepunks, "Rimshot" was a natural choice for recording due to its catchy chorus and headbanging guitar riffs.

As for the message of the song, Aaron states, "Rimshot is about dealing with people who try to use and disrespect you. We are all valuable and unique people created in God's image, but we have all at times been mistreated by others. This song hopefully helps to show you are not what others may try to tear you down and make you out to be. You are more than that, and even after being beaten down, you can overcome your struggles and find strength."

"Rimshot" is a very Deftones/Wish for Eden/early TOOL-inspired song, and it's currently available via The Charon Collective. Aaron is also working on a new Grungepunks EP that he hopes to release later this year. Follow Grungepunks on Spotify and Instagram (@grungepunksband) for updates.

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