Behind The Tracks: The Inside Out - No Brains, No Blood (Single) (2023)

This track was so fun to write and is one of our favorites to perform live. When I wrote it, I (James) was in my little studio/office space in my apartment at the time. I just finished writing the song “Nothing” on my acoustic guitar and had 75% of our title track all reproduced. Working backward from “Nothing,” I knew what I wanted for “No Brains, No Blood.” lyrics. I wanted to convey the first blood with the fight within yourself. At this point, the only missing pieces were the lead guitar parts. I spent about 2 hours being overly critical of them, and when I ended up settling on the final ideas I brought them to our in-house guitar wizard, Zach. Somehow he managed to bring what I thought was a 10/10 lead guitar to an 11/10. I suppose I was able to vent a lot of anger I had for myself, others, everyone, and everything within the lyrics of this song. It's hard to confront inner demons, but being stuck in quarantine and having all of my plans shut down for the foreseeable future actually made me ready and patient. I felt like the next batter up in a ball game, and I had all the time in the world to practice my swing. I actually made a reference to this feeling in the first line of the song: 

"First, may I say I told you so? Don't you dare say your goodbyes. Turn your prayers towards the fever."

Right after that lyric hits, my favorite of Zach’s sassy guitar riffs in the song comes in and the swing starts; I start chugging away, Andi starts pounding the drums, and John's bass holds down the low end. To mirror this musical force, the next lyrics are pure aggression and reality:

"Watch me chew and spit you out, find you lying on the ground, crying out for someone's help, when we're all dying."

This powerful take is about your past, or toxic present, weighing down your future and quality of life. Take those negatives, own them, and then get them out. The reality is that we're all human. We could all use a little help from time to time, and we're all finite. Nothing is forever, so take control of your life now, while you're here.

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