Track By Tracks: Atomic Trip - Strike #3 (2023)

A short introduction to this track by track: the people that are familiar to Atomic Trip definitely know that our albums, named Strike #x are composed of 2 monolithic tracks of about 20 minutes of destruction, named Bomb #x. Strike #1 had Bomb #1 & Bomb #2, Strike #2 had Bomb #3 & Bomb #4 and now comes Strike #3 with Bomb #5 & Bomb #6.

1. Bomb #5:

Act I. The introduction is very special. The riff is played at volume 0 on the amp, so don’t worry, your hi-fi system is not deficient, that’s how we wanted to start our album. With a quiet hors d’oeuvre. But right after that twist, comes the essence of Atomic Trip music: a low, loud and long riff that evolves. Act II. Without transition, we jump to a more complex rhythm on which the 2 guitars and the drums play. All together or each in turn. The psyched chorus is followed by a massive hammering of chords… you should expect the track to end, but no! Now it’s time for another long and slow pattern. Act III. At that time, we hope that you are now slowly headbanging and feeling our music inside yourself. And again, it goes bigger and bigger until the climax: a roll of toms with tribal tones, yet so heavy and dark. Definitely, the best way to end that drama.

2. Bomb #6:

Right, now you deserve a proper noisy intro Here it goes, with another guitar riff that takes you in the guts. Don’t worry, you’ll get a period of calm, or relative calm, because as you know now, everything is made to explode. After a decent dose of fuzz, it’s time for a final riff. Very poor, few notes, but just enough to make you enter in trance. If you wonder why our name is Atomic Trip, the last 10 minutes of Bomb #6 can explain it all. YOU. TAKE. A. FUCKING. TRIP. INTO. PSYCHO. DOOM. And when you think that you are completely spun out, then comes the fatal blow. BOUM. BOUM. BOUM. Until it’s over.

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