Track By Tracks: Dez Dare - Perseus War (2023)

1. Bozo:

Poor Bozo! The dishevelled leader who can’t get the people to understand he just can’t be fucked. It isn’t his problem, the plebs are so needy! Nanny always told him he was a good boy. Chin up mate.

2. Perseus #1985:

Our saviours have been “saving” people for thousands of years but their virtue is dependent on your reality. Hero or warmonger? Either way, humans do one thing best. Destroy. 1000s of saviours gone, 1000s yet to come.

3. Myopic Tropic:

Politicians are in the pocket of big business. Big business produces what sells. People buy what is fed to them. Repeat ad nauseam.

4. Bloodbath-on-HI:

Humans' best pastime? Collapsing societies. We fight with our neighbours, over farmlands we steal, and pollute in the name of progress. Societies fall, we never learn + now we live globally.

5. A Chimp, A Tricycle, New World Order:

Change is a constant within the world we live in, with everything around us, fluctuating + shimmering. Why do we struggle with differences in our communities? If it makes someone happy to wear an otter outfit + call themselves Janis, I say do it. Whatever gets you through the night. Everyone should just give less of a fuck.

6. I Know Why You Cry at Adam Sandler Films:

Conformity is the death of imagination + the gel in society… outliers bug out.

7. OUCH!:

A step-by-step breakdown of getting through an Autistic meltdown. Focus, define, and get those compartments in line.

8. My Heels + My Toes, My Lies + My Nose:

A cautionary tale for all wannabe politicians + celebrities. Focus too much on the exterior + the balance withers.


My ode to Brighton beach on a warm, sunny, afternoon.


No one is ever free. We make thousands of decisions every day, most of which we are unaware of. The rest? Is the way we are wired. We learn behaviours to fit in, to exist. There is comfort + anxiety attached to that idea. We are what we are meant to be, regardless of what we do + what is around us. Or we could just stop talking so much + fawn over some otter GIFs.

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