Track By Tracks: Hellset - Global Warning (2023)

The full concept is about social issues, which leads us to self-annihilation, each song is describing a particular problem.

1. Blindfolded:

This song is about a world corrupted by money - how poor masses are driven down, bullied, and denied, when the 'elite caste' is abusing their power.

The artwork of that song is dedicated to the topic above: you can see a crowd of people looking at danger without any self-care or self-preservation instinct.

2. Supreme threat:

Well, as the name of the song proclaims, it describes an unknown danger, which may wipe humanity from Earth's surface. There are many apocalypse-type events (exploiting and destroying the eco-system by humanity, asteroid impact on Earth, super-volcano eruption, etc.) that may do this, it's impossible to point at a particular event, however, the song is also reminding us that people can prevent catastrophes, but to do that all people need to gather together and cooperate in order to survive in future, instead of living like gods, without any second-thoughts. On the artwork, you can see examples of such events.

3. Revenge:

This song is about overwhelming negative feelings and how they can destroy any human entity, for example when someone is driven by madness and bloodlust and doesn't care about anything but avenging their loss. The artwork of the knife in the blood is easy to connect with the song.

4. Soulcold:

Here you may find reminders of ruthless time, which devours everything without exception. Love, life, businesses, buildings, and even empires cannot resist to power of time and eventually everything is gonna die. The artwork resembles a somehow deformed woman which is consumed by mentioned time.

5. Darkness:

This song is dedicated to mental awareness of how dangerous are mental diseases, like depression or schizophrenia. It's such a nightmare to live with one and artwork is trying to show how people with such problems feel - like their own body is cage for them in some cases.

6. Flying beggars: 

Well - that's one song about pigeons.  Jokes aside, this is a simple ballad that tries to show unfulfilled love or dreams of people and how it affects them. Anyway, any listener may find for themself their own interpretation, it's a kind of 'open' song, which like a bird on the artwork, may roam anywhere it wants.

7. In hora mortis:

It's a bit of a religious track, it tries to raise awareness of the spiritual life of humans and how nowadays looks like satan takes control of the life of more and more people each day. Artwork presents a burning temple, due to religion as an old concept that looks like it's rotten and deprecated,, and right now it serves only as another tool of mass control.

8. Diagram:

It's let's say 'extension' of the previous song. It develops the concept of broken religions and how religion (by technology side) is depriving humans.

In the artwork you may find the last stage of 'brain wash' - people turned into mindless zombies, which will attack and eat you when you will say anything non-positive (there is even no need of offending anything) about the 'brain washed' topic, like, for example, favorite politician, the geopolitical situation, chosen belief, etc.

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