Track By Tracks: KONVOLTED - Human Reification (2023)

1. Through Fog:

What I like about this opener is, that it's not a typical opener, not another fast, take-you-on-one.

Lyrics: I am neither a daredevil nor a show-off. I feel at home in words, and have a certain distrust of anyone who wants to tell me how things work.

2. Remediation:

In my opinion the most accomplished song of the album, it's something of everything that is Konvolted, in a well balanced way.

Lyrics: It's about breaking up with my long-time band, leaving me incapable of acting for quite some time, and struggling to get life going again.

3. Overspent:

That was a tough one. When it was mixed, I realized it was overloaded vocally. That meant rearranging, re-recording vocals, and remixing.

Lyrics: Dealing with exhaustion and the disappointment of not leaving a mark in the world despite all the effort.

4. Feat:

That one features the vocals of Kyle Thomas (Exhorder). It's still kind of surreal to me to appear on the same album as him...

Lyrics: It's about getting aware of getting old and of being very unhappy for quite some time already, and fighting it with all remaining powers.

5. Cautery:

The last song was written for this album, and I took a bit more liberties with the songwriting. Sometimes I also like unusual song structures.

Lyrics: The deep longing for when my long-time band still was doing fine, with plenty of transfiguration.

6. Moderate Game:

Kicks in with drums! It's considered one of the easiest accessible songs of the album - I agree with this.

Lyrics: Unable to jump on life's train, leading a constrained life.


Vocals are done by a french singer called Jordan Gazeau. I like his mix of aggression and Grunge.

Lyrics: Spend my life waiting for life to start, probably still waiting when the world comes down.

8. Pendulum:

The fourth song I wrote for a local Thrash Metal band - before I quit and decided to start differently. So it became the first song for Konvolted.

Lyrics: Describing pretty much myself, and speaking about things that better should be changed.

9. Tossed Into:

I guess the most melodic song of the album, still powerful because the toms of the drums give him a decent punch!

Lyrics: Kind of the title track, at least the lyrics contain the word "Reification", and the addressed loss of empathy is close to the overall meaning of the album title.

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