Track By Tracks: Misanthropik Torment - Ecdysis (2023)

1. Master And Slave:

This track is an assault upon the hypocrisy of all Governments, and a call for those in society who are not yet awake to wake up to the blueprint facade.

2. Ecdysis:

This track describes my personal metamorphosis.

3. Monkey See Monkey Do:

This track goes into society's herd mentality, and how destructive that mentality can be, it further flirts with the idea that if everyone in the world ceased to exist because of this mindset then we would all finally have one day of peace.

3. False Prophet:

From 2020 to 2023 and most likely longer, we have seen some really audacious acts from those in power. One of which things is the church putting its 2 cents into the laws of man. I am for everyone has a right to believe in what they choose to believe, None of that is any of anyone else's business, But when you have religious fanatics running the world they make their shit everyone else's, Next thing you know what illusions of freedom that we do have slowly disappear, Religion is not spiritual it has nothing to do with a true God. Religion is Political, it's Capitalism, and above all things religion is oppression. The ones who speak of god loudly on the streets to appear holy, know nothing of the god that they speak about.

4.Somnium Mortuus Est:

Somnium Mortuus Est in Latin means the dream is dead, This track speaks more on my personal experiences and perceptions of the underground metal scene.

5. This Horrid Life:

The question everyone has that can never be answered is, "What's the fucking point, of this horrid life?" There are no answers but in this track, I ask the universe.

6.Believe In Nothing, Question Everything:

Religion and politics go hand in hand to manipulate the masses. Pretty self-explanatory if you ask me.

7. Karmatic Retribution:

When the tables turn we will watch the politicians burn

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