Track By Tracks: Odinfist - Remade In Steel (2023)

1. Riffmaster:

Epic speed metal. Deep Purple vibes. Very guitar-driven track. The lyrics are about a badass wizard dude who brings true metal to the people of earth and passes judgment on the enemies of metal.

2. Metalmancer:

Classic 80s metal riffs. Some hair metal influences in the verses. The lyrics describe a protagonist as they’re being exposed to new ideas and how they can forge a new path in life. The guitar solos are fucking sick, boys.

3. Remade in Steel:

Michael Akerfeldt would say “It’s going to be evil.” This one definitely has some Savatage riffage. Gets super heavy and then breaks into a psychedelic solo section. Very unconventional song structure. The protagonist of the song seeks help from monks in a mountain monastery, but they have to break them down and reforge them out of metal because the damage is too extreme.

4. Allfather:

This song is about Odin Allfather, from Marvel’s Thor films, played by Anthony Hopkins. The song is pretty much Dance of Death by Iron Maiden.

5. Deadline:

This is the Metallica song. It is also the Megadeth song. It goes from doomy to thrashy, with lots of chromatic riffage. The lyrics are about trying to survive under pressure, crushing anxiety, and running out of time.


This is the long, epic song of the album. Space aliens like to wear masks at fancy parties, and attempt to exterminate the human race, and then humans are forced to flee to space in order to avoid extinction.

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