Track By Tracks: A REASON TO BEGIN - Rebirth (2022)

1. Green monster (written by Matt):

It deals with a common theme, the evil power that money has over people and how it turns them into demons.. money is therefore our green monster

2. By the glory (written by Matt):

This text is an emotional expression that tries to summarize the concept of giving something to someone (whether material or non-material) without necessarily having to receive something in return The words want to enhance the importance of wanting to give without expecting to receive.

3. The warrior (written by Matt):

Deals with a descriptive theme of a warrior, of a person who fights to break his psychological and social chains, a very personal text for our singer.

4. Don't give a fuck (written by Matt):

It's a very ignorant text, another very personal text in which Matt describes himself when he has his moments over the top, when he can't stand anyone anymore

5. Live or die (written by Matt):

This is a song that wants to focus on the characteristic fact of people react to life's adversities or succumb to them

6. Fake Preacher (written by Matt):

Very personal text, perhaps the most personal of all, speaks of a person who over the years has been a very good friend and in the end, turned out to be a false preacher who gave judgments as if they were sacrosanct truths that in the end were just smoke and mirrors.

7. Forever Evil (written by Matt):

Text inspired by the wickedness of people. Each of us has evil hidden inside, in essence, it speaks of the human race that always has a bit of wickedness inside itself.

8. Revenge (written by Manno):

As before, it is a very personal text, written in which the time has come to "roll up your sleeves" and take your revenge, in which you look for facts and not words from people, words that until then were been too many and out of place.

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