Track By Tracks: Scars Of Oblivion - Misanthropy (2023)

1. The Last Breath:

«The last Breath» is a call to stand against injustice. To not be a part of the masses in a society ruled by corruption. It tries to convey the idea that we would rather lose our comfortable lives than our freedom and suggests what we should do when faced with the horrors the rest of the songs talk about: fighting until the last Breath. It has an acoustic introduction to start the album, but it also features one of the heaviest parts out of the entire record.

2. Blood Bath:

«Blood Bath» tells the story of Lady Erzsébet Báthory. The story fits within the general theme of the album, giving names to oppressors and victims alike. It represents what the things the other songs talk about ultimately lead to. It draws from the essence of more classical death metal with a heavy main riff and gore in the lyrics but adds deathcore to the mix and melody in the chorus keeping up with the style of the band.

3. Supremacy:

«Supremacy» describes what happens when a powerful nation sets out to conquer others. The lyrics are written from the perspective of the invaders for the most part. The chorus sets itself apart from the others with speed rather than melody, combining an epic riff with the lyrics to sound almost like a national anthem, pointing at the dark history of modern democracies, the destruction of less advanced cultures and the imposition of their own. The music video represents this with a game of chess, how easy it is for political leaders to cause so much suffering without leaving their comfort and security.

4. Industrial Humanity:

«Industrial Humanity» points out how our modern societies try to make people out of a mold with trends, propaganda, and consumerism, mass-producing gears for the machine rather than individuals. This is reinforced in the song with unusual beats that sound antinatural and remind us of machines at work.

5. The Sacred Lie:

«The Sacred Lie» criticizes the use of religion to numb and control people. Its main focus is on the religious institution of Catholicism, its crimes, hypocrisy, and seeming unawareness of the content of its own sacred texts. The Church encourages idolatry just to keep superstitious people in the herd rather than getting rid of the idols, which would be the biblical thing to do just so they can keep their power, influence, and income. The self-appointed guardians of faith have been the ones to corrupt it. With the anti-religious theme, the tremolo picking in the pre-chorus is only fitting, getting close to a black metal sound there, and the melody of the chorus will be one of the most memorable.

6. Fallen In Vain:

«Fallen in Vain» talks about how unnecessary wars are, making emphasis on the suffering they inflict upon innocent people. It’s written from the perspective of a child that sees their world crumbling under the weight of an invasion. The drum beats of the intro and outro are inspired by military marches.

7. Misanthropy:

«Misanthropy» is the final track and gives name to the whole album. It talks about how we are our own enemies. We raze the environment and kill each other for no good reason, just pure hatred and ignorance. We are the ones to bring hell upon ourselves. The final part of the song builds up speed from a neckbreaking breakdown all the way up to a frenetic tremolo for a climatic ending to the record.

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