Band Biographies: Nerumia

For the musicians who gather at the foot of the eternal Swiss mountains, the dawn of the nineties had given birth to numerous bands that were very quickly disbanded but in the middle of this doldrums, two beings continued to work together, sharing ideas and fueled themselves in order to build a band that was able to express their compositions. This harsh situation lasted until the very beginning of the year 2001 when the two composers, the two souls behind these different bands enjoyed a certain situation that allowed them to give full freedom to their project. If this dream band wore different names during these past times, in the year 2001, it was finally crowned by the name that will continue to light its path: NERUMIA. As soon they were only working for NERUMIA and simply can devote themselves bodies and souls to this band, the duet composed by Pasquale “Scual” Rivetti and Philippe “Phil” Privet just took six years to reach the end of the composition and arrangements of two famous albums: The Land of the Black (2003) and I Don’t Understand (2007).

Sadly, In 2009, Phil Privet suffered from a very sudden and lethal illness. His demise caused a ten years hiatus for NERUMIA but during the beginning of the year 2020, a new line-up is gathered (Thanks to the arrival of Juan (UNDEAD VISION) behind the rhythmic/soloist guitar and backing vocals and Magnus (CALCINED, SERPENS LUMINIS, ENOID (live), ANCIENT MOON (live)) for the bass guitar and backing vocals duties) and a brand new album is finished to be recorded by Pasquale “Scual” Rivetti.

Hoping to take advantage of the quickness of composition and complicity that allows the trio’s formation, NERUMIA will record and play live with session musicians in addition to Scual and Juan behind the vocals and the rhythmic and soloist guitar and Flo for the bass-guitar and the backing vocals and behind the drum kit, there will be a session professional drummer.

Ever more intensely for Music and for the expression of their passion, the three musicians behind NERUMIA carry on to argue against the winds and the tides that giving up is not for them, a viable and agreeable option!

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