Band Biographies: ROSSLYN

Rosslyn is a Heavy Metal band born in Calatayud (Spain) in 2015. It is formed by four musicians (Borja on the vocals, Jorge on the guitar, José on the bass and Mikel on the drums) who altogether develop the unique style that defines Rosslyn: Traditional Heavy Metal packed with epic, passion and darkness with lyrics in English brimmed with literature, history, myths and legends. After an international debut with the release of their first album Soul in Sanctuary in 2018 and their first national tour, Rosslyn are back with their second album Totentanz: 8 tracks which, throughout their 46 minutes length, offers a deeper, darkest insight of the band’s view, a natural next step for a second, more mature work, without leaving behind any of the features that give Rosslyn its personality. They revisit here, with a more authentic, organic, elaborated sound, the band’s brand: Heavy Metal with a story to tell.

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