Band Biographies: XO Armor

[XO Armor] (first constructed in 2018 under the prototype name [Coda]) is a nuclear-powered attack mecha equipped with the most lethal sound system in the world. It is operated by:

Christian Hendges - Vocals
David Paucken - Guitar
Luca Schwartz - Bass
Robin Budde - Drums

[2019 - Deathbloom Incident]

In 2019, the XO Armor prototype [Coda] caused a stir by launching 10 tracks which could later be identified as its debut record [Deathbloom]. The unleashed sound waves contained an eery heaviness which has caused listeners to hallucinate about being chased by a witch in a dark forest.

[2021 - Asteroid and Rex Incident]

In 2021, the prototype [Coda] fired a new song into the stratosphere which caused an [Asteroid] to collide with planet Earth. It is believed that the atmospheric changes caused by its impact have led to a bio-mechanic mutation within the mecha, which then proceeded to call itself [XO Armor] and took on the massive form we know today. Later that year, the unthinkable happened - with its song [Rex], [XO Armor] unleashed a power that was believed to be dead for millions of years.

[2022 - Carno Incident]

In 2022, [XO Armor] gained a lot of popularity by being exposed to the public on several occasions like the [PellMell Festival] and [Rock at Sage] at [KitKat Club Berlin]. One attack that stood out was its new song [Carno], co-piloted by the band [Death Tour] from [Los Angeles]. It has caused people to mosh and sing along for several days without sleep, resulting in mass-insomnia.

[Now - Nublar Incident]

[XO Armor] has created its own island called [Nublar] - a biome beyond our comprehension. Sailors who got close to the island reported about a thick mist which carries humming, threatening waves of sounds they never heard before. Some of them also claim to have seen schemes of prehistoric, believed-to-be-extinct animals. However, nobody has yet dared to explore this new landscape. Therefore, we need you - please join us on an expedition through the jungles, swamps and volcanos on [Nublar] to see what [XO Armor] has been creating on that island. Because one thing is certain - whoever can get [XO Armor] on their side will have control over the music market - and maybe the whole world.

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