Behind The Artworks: COLPOCLEISIS - Elegant Degradation (2023)

As the album is a concept on the term 'Elegant Degradation', showing the gradual decline in society/mankind, we felt the artwork also had to fit. We did some research into the term and found academic journals which also inspired our 2020 EP 'Human Dignity Violated' and we used a lot of inspiration from that.

We spent a lot of time researching artists being used by other bands in the genre and decided that we wanted something fresh. We came across Daniel Francisco, an oil and digital artist from Sweden. After looking through all of his work and admiring everything he has done, we felt his style truly met what we were looking for. He was really able to dig into the depths and depravity of the theme we wanted. He had very little experience in commission work and even less in working with bands which made the collaboration especially interesting for both him and us. Once the concept was explained to Daniel he got to work on some drafts and everything he was producing was perfect. He provided a selection of pieces for use through the booklet and we have used them for each individual single and as an alternative front cover for the collector's edition of the CD.

Daniel Fransisco can be found on social media under the username Ruttna and we highly recommend you check him out.

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