Behind The Tracks: Devitalized - X_X (Single) (2023)

Hi my name is JP ratta and I am the vocalist of Devitalized I’m going to be giving you a behind the track on our newest single X_X

The idea: So originally this song was made with my friend Dawson when we were in our old band way back in 2019, it was one of the first songs we put together and when we wrote it, it was around the time of COVID’s beginning in which we were both mentally drained by the world. The song is also about my past experience with abuse/suicide attempts. In school, I wasn’t very liked just because physically and emotionally I was a different person than most. I was the outcast that tried to fit in and everyone knew but not many accepted. It was a painful experience but as time progressed things changed and life went on! When we put this song out it received a great amount of love but re-writing it felt a LOT better in the end actually fixing the lyrics and making it a cleaner track together.

How re-making the track started: Before we rebranded as Devitalized I was finishing up about 4 tracks for our LP “State Of Aggression” (the fun fact is this was originally gonna be the band name but we felt it would fit better as an LP) after recording the first 3 I really really wanted to recreate this song. So I did, I took the original blueprint track sat at my computer, and got to work. I hit up a good producer friend of mine and asked if he’d be willing to help re-track some of it and he agreed immediately as he already loved the style and meaning of the song. After about a month everything was finished and put together we compared the two and the difference is incredible (as amazing as the OG one was this one clearly sounds and feels better) we really went for this hardcore vibe ya know, kinda like alpha wolf mixed with knocked loose, the finished product really had me shed a tear because it’s exactly how I wanted the track to be.

The future: As of right now we’re mapping out the rest of our LP finishing the writing and hoping for it to be out in mid-august. We’re also wrapping up everything for our 4th and final single (THIS ONE IS BIG) we spent a lot of time on all of these songs and now that we’re a full band the writing process will move a lot easier. We have a great number of projects in the works for this band and so much to come, we promise we’re not gonna drop this LP and make y’all wait 5-6 years for new music, the amount of material we’re preparing is ruthless and we will be on a roll hoping to drop more and more throughout the coming years and we cannot wait to show you!

In summary: The track X_X in you are about to view is a song I wrote at my lowest when I was struggling with suicide and loss and was debating on taking my life. I wrote it not only it’s because of how I felt but for those who are struggling with the same issues I am, it’s made so you know you aren’t alone in this world whether you listen to it once or a million times it’s there for YOU! And we hope you can look back on it and feel that in your heart.

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