Behind The Tracks: I, Of The Storm - Cataclysm (Single) (2023)

Brandon Beaulieu: I wrote the lyrics for Cataclysm about the severe abandonment issues and overwhelming emotions that often come from the fallout of toxic and abusive relationships by comparing them to a cataclysmic ending of the world. The lyrics are inspired by real life situations that other members in the band have gone through in their life and i felt like i could also relate those to my own experiences.

For the Cataclysm music video we wanted to create an introductory video for our project that really captured the energy of our music and live performance. Zack Perez from Astral Media did an amazing job at capturing that! It was a really fun shoot filled with sick hangs and a lot of Whiteclaws and Mike's Harder Lemonades! Shout out to our friend Andrew Kappas at Monarch Studios for letting us make a mess, and shoutout to our friends in ScytheGang666 for stopping by and hanging out on set!"

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